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  • v1.1.0   Feature release "T. rex" New features * Support analysis of T cell receptor (TCR) sequences [note 1] [74dd84c, 4466259, eed9846, df525df, 3b5ef5e, de94039, b1fedb7, 53c1a86, 4450917] Enhancements * Accelerate read mapping [eed9846] * Accelerate quality control tag statistics [3b67562] * Add support for 96x96 (9.0ki) matrix size [72e19a0] Bugfixes * Fix compatibility with new MySQL server mode [6ac6c8d, 3243025] * Fix import of IgBLAST productivity status [70009cb] * Fix parsing of IgBLAST region information [f6054e2] * Fix import of metainformation table [4cdf8cd] * Fix parsing of config file by spatials module [45e3a01] Notes [1] Currently only the analysis of TCR alpha/beta chain sequences is supported, gamma/delta is still pending
  • v1.0.2   Bugfix release, some enhancements Bugfixes - Fix use of regular expressions for CDR3 identification - Fix insertion of IgBLAST score and E-values into the database - Fix loss of sequences with long CDR3 and a mutated end-of-CDR3 motif [note 1] - Fix tag correction routine for large mouse matrix - Fix handling of empty lines in metadata file Enhancements - More economic handling of database connections (includes time-outs) - Remove unused (and unsafe) authentication options - Add alternative CDR3 motifs to config - Add script for repetitive testing of pipeline - Further unification of log output Notes [1] Previous maximum length of CDR3 was 22 amino acids [aa], otherwise the a assignment would fail if (and only if) an alternative end-of-CDR3 motif was used by a sequence. This length limit has now been extended (CDR3 plus J sequence 155 bp). Note that IgBLAST currently (version 1.4.0) has a hard-coded maximum V_end to J_start distance of 89 bp, which should constitute the lower limit of the two.
  • v1.0.1   Bugfix release, some minor enhancements Bugfixes * Fix instable makefile behavior [05c0b1d] * Fix incompatibility with current RazorS version [f15a73c] * Fix issues with concurrent data processing [fa76ec2] * Fix path for metainfo tempate [6092a6d] * Fix QC handling of missing locus [8c5f17c] * Fix metadata table for Sanger sequences [18acb35] * Fix pipeline_status query [4e0b654] * Fix subregion identification for truncated sequences [e2d673e] * Fix log blob overflow for Sanger metadata import [83a68a7] Enhancements * Adapt invocation of Sanger sequence processing to that of Matrix PCR data [18acb35] * Add support for 72x64 (4.5ki) matrix size [2764486] * Add log_level-aware logging for mutation identification module [92333f5]
  • v1.0.0   first productive release