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Verified Commit 73095152 authored by Huste, Tobias (FWCC) - 111645's avatar Huste, Tobias (FWCC) - 111645
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api: do not use full project path for filename

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...@@ -327,9 +327,10 @@ class GitLabRelease(object): ...@@ -327,9 +327,10 @@ class GitLabRelease(object):
def filename(self): def filename(self):
"""Extract files to download from the GitLab payload.""" """Extract files to download from the GitLab payload."""
tag_name = self.event.payload['ref'].split('refs/tags/')[1] tag_name = self.event.payload['ref'].split('refs/tags/')[1]
project_name = self.project['path_with_namespace'] # Only use project part of path for filename
project_name = self.project['path_with_namespace'].split['/'][-1]
filename = u'{name}-{tag}.tar.gz'.format( filename = u'{name}-{tag}.zip'.format(
name=project_name, tag=tag_name) name=project_name, tag=tag_name)
return filename return filename
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