Commit 2b8115ec authored by Carsten Lemmen's avatar Carsten Lemmen
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Add .o to clean target

parent 36fe6548
......@@ -140,6 +140,7 @@ subdirs:
clean: extraclean
@rm -f *.o
@rm -f $(MOSSCO_LIBRARY_PATH)/libmossco_mediator.a
@rm -f $(MOSSCO_LIBRARY_PATH)/libxgridcoupler.a
@rm -f $(MOSSCO_LIBRARY_PATH)/libinoutcoupler.a
......@@ -110,5 +110,5 @@ clean: extraclean
@- rm -f $(TESTS) PET*
@- rm -rf *.dSYM
@- rm -rf *.dSYM *.o
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