Commit 138943ef authored by Carsten Lemmen's avatar Carsten Lemmen
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Skip over attributes that cannot be retrieved

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......@@ -1233,8 +1233,7 @@ contains
do i=1, count
call ESMF_AttributeGet(gridComp, attributeIndex=i , name=attributeName, rc=localrc)
if (ESMF_LogFoundError(localrc, ESMF_ERR_PASSTHRU, ESMF_CONTEXT, rcToReturn=rc_)) &
call ESMF_Finalize(rc=localrc, endflag=ESMF_END_ABORT)
if (localrc /= ESMF_SUCCESS) cycle
write(message,'(A)') trim(name)//':'
call MOSSCO_MessageAdd(message,trim(attributeName)//' =')
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