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add note on core.autocrlf for windows

Co-authored-by: Philipp Sebastian Sommer's avatarPhilipp Sommer <>
Co-authored-by: Housam Dibeh's avatardibeh <>
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......@@ -7,13 +7,21 @@ To install this workspace locally, all you have to do is to run
1. install docker_ or podman_
2. install docker-compose_
3. clone the workspace repository via ``git clone``
4. copy the template files to the root of your repository:
3. Clone the repository.
.. warning::
On Windows, make sure to run ``git config --global core.autocrlf false``
prior to cloning the repository
``git clone``
4. Change into the directory: ``cd workspace``
5. copy the template files to the root of your repository:
``cp docker/workspace/templates/*.env .``
5. run ``docker-compose up --build``
6. run ``docker-compose up --build``
You will then be able to open a code server in your browser by visiting
Now you're ready to :ref:`get started with this workspace <getting-started>`.
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