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Verified Commit 40ea3b5e authored by Philipp Sebastian Sommer's avatar Philipp Sebastian Sommer
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add thredds-server environment file

e.g. for specifying the VIRTUAL_HOST
parent ce73f3a6
......@@ -90,6 +90,8 @@ services:
- "${TDS_PORT:-80}:8080"
- "${TDS_DATA:-thredds-data}:/usr/local/tomcat/content/thredds/"
- thredds-server.env
ALLOWED_MANAGER_HOSTS: "${CODE_SERVER_HOST:-code-server},${TDS_HOST:-thredds-server}"
# Environment variables for the THREDDS-server
# You can specify variables here that are available on the
# thredds-server container. E.g. a VIRTUAL_HOST for the
# usage with nginx-proxy
# VIRTUAL_HOST=thredds.myhost.local
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