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title: "Results of the first Software Survey"
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data: 2021-03-26
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Data from 467 respondents of the HIFIS Survey 2020 were analyzed to give
an overview of research software developers at Helmholtz and their
day-to-day work. While software development plays a crucial role in all
six research domains, only about half of the respondents are satisfied
with the support at their centers. Results of this survey will help us
to better understand how HIFIS Software Services could improve this
# Analysis of First HIFIS Software Survey
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#### Detailed Results
The results of the HIFIS Software survey 2020 are published in four posts
examining the survey from four different perspectives:
* [**A Community Perspective**](
* [**A Consulting Perspective**](
* [**Programming, Continuous Integration and Version Control System**](
* [**A Technology Perspective**](
#### Upcoming Second HIFIS survey
HIFIS is preparing a Helmholtz-wide survey, which will focus on the
usage and user requirements in the area of Cloud services in the context of
research software development.
This survey builds on the experiences that the HIFIS Software Cluster has
already made with a survey at the end of 2019/beginning of 2020,
and at the same time broadens the perspective.
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