1. 11 Sep, 2019 6 commits
  2. 10 Sep, 2019 3 commits
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      Resize and center the title image · 9f391027
      Erxleben, Fredo authored
      The new baseline for the paddings are
        * 16rem top
        * 10rem bottom
      Tablet-sized displays scale the padding to 0.75*baseline,
      phone-sized displays to 0.5*baseline.
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      Externalize title image html · bf6d5671
      Erxleben, Fredo authored
      Since this may be repeated once different layouts are created, and the
      default layout got quite convoluted, the title image section was put
      into its own file.
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      Make title image configurable via Markdown option · fcbb30c0
      Erxleben, Fredo authored
      The image is determined by the "title-image" option in the
      front-matter of the markdown file. It can either be the keyword
      "default" or the name of an image file. The image file is expected
      to be found in the image directory (c.f. _config.yml).
      Should the option be unset or the image not be found the blue
      background color as set in title-image.css will be used instead.
      To achieve this, the file "_config.yml" has introduced which holds basic
      configuration which applies to the whole site as to avoid magic strings.
  3. 09 Sep, 2019 3 commits
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      Beautified title-image.scss · c0e3f8aa
      Erxleben authored
      Noticed some left-overs from the original design that were
      commented out and partially not transferred over yet.
      It is done now.
      As a result the title image will now take up a lot less space
      when displayed on a small screen.
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      Transferred over the necessary files from the mockup project · 41c2f929
      Erxleben authored
      (Issue #4)
      This commit creates a basic Jekyll setup for a HIFIS website.
      It already contains an adapted corporate design and all required
      Support for small screen devices is included, although the
      breakpoints are just taken over from the CD even if they seem
      rather arbitrary.
      The required javascript has been inlined since it boiled down to
      half a line of code at one specific place. (c.f. the <button> in
      As a basic concept, most sites are supposed to be written in
      Markdown, using HTML for enrichment. Pure HTML-only sites are
      Known issue: Many linked sites are still missing including
      	* Team
      	* Imprint
      	* Privacy
      	* Contact
      These should be added by future commits.
  4. 06 Sep, 2019 1 commit