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Commit dafdd9c9 authored by mdolling-gfz's avatar mdolling-gfz Committed by Erxleben, Fredo (FWCC) - 136987
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Superfluous "s" prevented contact box to be rendered properly.

Also fixed the template entry to prevent this from happening again.
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......@@ -59,7 +59,8 @@ fzj:
abbreviation: "GFZ"
name: "Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum" # sic!
name: "Helmholtz Centre Potsdam<br>
German Research Centre for Geosciences - GFZ" # sic!
country: "Germany"
city: "Potsdam"
zip-code: "14473"
# Enter the team members here
# Please sort by ID ascending
......@@ -31,6 +30,16 @@
# link_as:
# show_as: "My Profile"
- id: dolling
name: "Dolling, Maximilian"
title: "B. Sc."
organization: gfz
position: "Research Software Engineer (RSE)"
office: "A 70, Room 325"
rank: 0
email: "mdolling at"
- id: erxleben
name: "Erxleben, Fredo"
image: "erxleben.jpeg"
layout: member
additional_css: team.css
title: Dolling, Maximilian
data: dolling
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