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title: Version Control using Git
layout: event
- belayneh
- belayneh
- dolling
- "Hannes Fuchs"
- "Stefan Lüdtke"
- "Christian Meeßen"
type: workshop
date: "2021-07-26"
time: "09:00"
date: "2021-07-27"
time: "14:00"
campus: "Online"
"This workshop will teach version control using Git for scientists and PhD students."
## Goal
Introduce scientists and PhD students to the use of version control in research environment.
## Content
The workshop covers introductory topics on the use of version control in research, as well as hands on sessions on different functionalities of Git with GitLab. You will find more information on [the workshop page]().
## Requirements
Neither prior knowledge nor experience in those tools is needed.
A headset (or at least headphones) is required.
Registration will open 2-3 weeks before the event. We are looking forward to seeing you!
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