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title: "Our First Online SWC Workshop"
date: 2020-02-21
date: 2020-04-10
- erxleben
layout: blogpost
......@@ -146,7 +146,19 @@ _gitlab.com_ for this purpose.
## HackMD
Amongst the many collaborative online editors that were availabe we chose
_HackMD_ for its plentiful characteristics:
* Ease-of-use
* Markdown formattinc capabilities
* Code / syntax highlighting
* Side-by-side editing and preview
Even though our participants had no previous experience with markdown documents,
they quickly adopted its basics.
Some exercises required the solutions to be put into code blocks or tables which
were either copied and pasted from prepared examples or formatted by the
## Zoom
* Why Zoom despite known security issues?
......@@ -154,12 +166,31 @@ _gitlab.com_ for this purpose.
## IPython
# How it Went
Day1: shell and git
Day 2: git-collaboration and python
It became clear early on that an online workshop progresses notably slower
in comparison to a live version.
Due to the lack of non-verbal communication, it is more often required to assess
the learners progress and also, in the case of helpers, to interact with each
learner individually.
Sometimes communication can also be impded by low quality audio tranfers making
it necessary to repeat parts of sentences or write things in a chat or shared
We enjoyed a mostly stable connection with good quality and the participants
were very cooperative and disciplined, muting themselves if they did not wish to
As a consequence of the speed reduction and the spontaneous insertion of a git
collaboration exercise with _GitLab_ the _python_ lesson was postponed by a
quarter of a day to make room for the last part of the _git_ lesson.
All these aspects led to many episodes being compressed or dropped altogether.
## Issues Encountered
### OS Differences
(e.g. CRLF issue with nano).
## Feedback, Reactions and Lessons Learned
Participants gave mostly positive feedback
......@@ -170,6 +201,4 @@ General consensus (participants and organizers): Need more time for these worksh
Give a note on misconceptions determined during questions and polls.
Give a note on questions asked by participants.
Give a note on general issues participants were facing and in particular on differences due to different operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux (e.g. CRLF issue with nano).
Give a note on using HZDR GitLab by extern participants (e.g. participants need GitLab accounts and Personal Access Token).
Give recommendations on using Zoom (e.g. using breakout rooms, appointing instructors and helpers to co-hosts, appointing someone else beside the current instructor as host who then sets up polls and breakout rooms)
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