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Please don't actually create this issue, but:
1. Cut the following YAML and Markdown.
1. Cut or copy everything below this list (YAML block and Markdown).
2. Use the `+` > `New file` option on
3. Set the filename to `` with the start date.
4. Paste this template's content into the new file.
4. Fill in details, re-using what you can from
4. Fill in details, copying liberally from similar events in
5. Add a branch name & `Start a new merge request...`
6. Commit the file & close this "New issue" tab
6. Commit the event file & close this "New issue" tab.
title: ""
layout: event
......@@ -56,3 +57,4 @@ What topic(s) is the workshop about?
Do participants need prior knowledge?
Should something be prepared before participating?
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