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Reword paragraph on lesson progress

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......@@ -238,10 +238,12 @@ participants to note down their attendance together with a short statement about
"What is your favourite cake?" turned out to be a suitable icebreaker question.
As a consequence of the speed reduction and the spontaneous insertion of a _Git_
collaboration exercise with _GitLab_ the _python_ lesson was postponed by a
quarter of a day to make room for the last part of the _Git_ lesson.
All these aspects led to many episodes being compressed or dropped altogether.
The first quarter of the second day was used for a quick recap of the _Git_ and
_Shell_ lessons, followed by the _Git_ collaboration exercise with the aid of a
_GitLab_ repository.
The _Python_ part did not progress as fast as intended and led to the lessons
being compressed towards the end.
## Issues Encountered
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