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......@@ -17,6 +17,12 @@ excerpt:
### Contents
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1. TOC
# Planning Phase
Our first own Software Carpenty workshop was supposed to be a live event.
......@@ -103,7 +109,7 @@ have questions, may fall behind or have technical issues.
Questions may either be answered by helpers directly or be forwarded to the
instructor in an opportune moment if they are of more general concern.
## Our Approach
## The Workshop Team
We split our workshop into the three parts _shell_, _git_ and _python_ between
our three instructors.
The two instructors who were not actively teaching, assumed the roles of host
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## Zoom
* Why Zoom despite known security issues?
The choice for a video-conferencing tool was probably the most important
decision during the switching to online.
We were already familiar with Zoom from the Carpentry instructor lessons and had
the good fortune to be offered a share in a Zoom-Account by the Carpentries for
the purpose of holding workshops untile we could organize our own account.
We did not have the time required to get a _BigBlueButton_ or _Jitsi_-instance
installed and evaluated properly.
During the workshop we could make good use of the offered features and
experienced good video and audio quality.
In the light of rising security and data protection concerns regarding Zoom we
continue to monitor the situation and keep exploring alternatives with the aim
to offer the best possible workshop experience to our participants in a
privacy-friendly way.
## IPython
For teaching the basics of _python_ we went with _IPython_.
It offers syntax highlighting to aid the learner.
Since it is an interpreter, the participants get instant feedback if the entered
line is valid python.
The command-line based approach significantly reduces the ammount of objects on
the screen and aids to focus the learners attention on the code itself.
The tool comes with the standard installation of the _Anaconda_ packages as
recommended in the setup instructions by the Carpentries.
# How it Went
It became clear early on that an online workshop progresses notably slower
......@@ -187,18 +218,27 @@ All these aspects led to many episodes being compressed or dropped altogether.
## Issues Encountered
### OS Differences
(e.g. CRLF issue with nano).
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The participants were, with one exception, using Windows.
While this required some additional research effort for the helpers on some
occasions it kept the overall effort low, since participants could also help
each other out if necessary.
## Feedback, Reactions and Lessons Learned
Particular issues, for example accomodating for the different line ending
encodings, that would arise were also covered by the Carpentries' lecture
materials and could thus quickly be solved.
Participants gave mostly positive feedback
General consensus (participants and organizers): Need more time for these workshops
## Feedback, Reactions and Lessons Learned
The post-workshop survey determined that the participants viewed the event in a
positive light.
Compared to the pre-workshop survey, most participants felt enabled to make
first steps towards improving their workflows.
A general consensus between participants and organizers alike was the need to
plan more time for the workshop content as well as the demand for follow-up
workshops covering more advanced topics.
Give a note on misconceptions determined during questions and polls.
Give a note on questions asked by participants.
Give a note on using HZDR GitLab by extern participants (e.g. participants need GitLab accounts and Personal Access Token).
As organizers we consider this first event a success and a good foundation upon
which to build our future events.
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