Commit 619a4868 authored by Hueser, Christian (FWCC) - 138593's avatar Hueser, Christian (FWCC) - 138593 Committed by Huste, Tobias (FWCC) - 111645

Add GitLab contact email link also to services overview page

* Add the contact email link for GitLab inquiries to the GitLab Services
overview page.
parent 47bf6689
......@@ -118,7 +118,7 @@
<a href="{{ 'services/helmholtzgitlab' | relative_url }}"><strong>More...</strong></a>
<h4>Talk to us</h4>
{% include contact_us/mini.html %}
{% include contact_us/mini.html contact_mail_link=site.contact_mail_for_gitlab %}
{% include helpdesk/mini.html %}
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