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title: Lecture series on scientific computing
layout: event
- dolling
- belayneh
- dolling
- belayneh
type: Lecture
date: "2020-05-18"
time: "10:00"
date: "2020-06-15"
time: "11:00"
campus: "Online Event"
"This lecture series will teach researchers key topics in research software
development including best practices"
## Goal
To teach researchers the basics of software development, and introduce them to
existing tools and best practices for repoducable research software.
## Content
The lecture series is consists of the following topics:
* Requirements for Code Publication (scheduled for 2020-05-18)
* Research software engineering (scheduled for 2020-05-25)
* Reusable Software (scheduled for 2020-06-08)
* Automation: making your results reproducible (scheduled for 2020-06-15)
## Requirements
No prior knowledge or experiance is required.
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