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Commit 46a82d1c authored by Hueser, Christian (FWCC) - 138593's avatar Hueser, Christian (FWCC) - 138593 Committed by Hueser, Christian (FWCC) - 138593
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Remove team_map job from gitlab ci yaml file

Moved team_map job in gitlab ci yaml file to branch
parent 24377cf1
......@@ -50,13 +50,3 @@ pages:
- .only_extension
- run_jekyll_production
stage: after_deploy
- "HEADERS='{\"token\":\"'\"${VAR_TRIGGER_TOKEN_FOR_MULTI_PROJECT_PIPELINE}\"'\", \"ref\":\"gitlab_ci_setup_production\"}'; curl -X POST -H \"Private-Token: ${VAR_MY_PERSONAL_ACCESS_TOKEN_FOR_API}\" -H \"Content-Type: application/json\" -d \"$HEADERS\" https://gitlab.hzdr.de/api/v4/projects/960/trigger/pipeline"
- .artifacts_extension
- .only_extension
- pages
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