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title: Introduction to Git and GitLab
layout: event
- schlauch
- schlauch
type: workshop
date: "2021-02-18"
date: "2021-02-19"
campus: "Online Event"
fully_booked_out: false
from: "2021-02-01"
to: "2021-02-12"
"This workshop provides an introduction into Git in combination with the collaboration platform GitLab."
## Goal
The workshop provides a solid introduction into the practical usage of the version control system Git in combination with the collaboration platform GitLab.
## Content
This workshop will cover the the following topics:
- Introduction to version control
- Git setup
- Basic local Git workflow
- Git branches and handling of conflicts
- Collaboration with others
Please see the [lesson materials]( for further details.
## Requirements
- No previous knowledge in the covered topics will be required.
- Participants require the Git command line client, a modern web browser, and a text editor.
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