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It was supposed to be our first Software Carpentries workshop at the HZDR.
We were in full swing organizing a live event until it became clear that we
would have to move online on short notice. <em>Challenge accepted!</em>
would have to move online. <em>Challenge accepted!</em>
# Planning Phase
Our first own Software Carpenty workshop was supposed to be a live event.
We intended to take it easy, learn a few lessons and then build upon these.
With these goals in mind we set out to plan an two-day workshop for the 31.
March and 1. April 2020.
In the beginning of March it became clear that the effects of the Corona
pandemic would reach us long before this date.
It was unanimously decided to switch the workshop to an online event instead of
cancelling it — even though this would mean a lot of organizational work with an
increasingly tight deadline.
## Our Original Approach
* The event was booked out within a day
* Reaction: create a waiting list event
Day1: shell and git
As it was expected to be a first experience for us as instructors, organizers
and helpers, we only advertised 25 workshop seats on the PhD mailing list of
our institute.
To our complete surprise the event became booked out within the day.
As a reaction we created a second "event" in our system to act as a waiting
list and to be worked off in follow-up workshops.
The side effect was that we got a first glimpse of the huge demand for training
opportunities by our scientific staff.
Day 2: python
Our initial plan was to split the first workshop day equally between the _shell_
and _git_ lessons and use the complete second day for _python_.
We did however estimate that we might have to cut later episodes from these
lessons, depending on the learners' speed.
## Switch to Online
* Had to create a separate online event, due to lower capacity for participants in the online environment
When we decided to switch to an online event it was clear that there are
additional unknowns to be expected.
For this reason we decided to reduce the number of participants for the first
iteration of the workshop to only 9 persons.
As we had no prior experience with online teaching it seemed better to start
with a conservative amount of participants and increase the number in future
workshops if everything went well.
Therefore we set up a seperate event in our system and transferred the planned
amount of participants over, based on the first-come-first-serve principle.
The remaining participants will be enrolled with priority into a follow-up
workshop in April 2020.
Additional time had to be spent on selecting and organizing a suitable
video-conferencing system.
# Role Call
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