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Workshop Announcement 2020-11-04

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title: Erste Schritte in Python
layout: event
- erxleben
- erxleben
- Julia Schwabe
type: workshop
date: "2020-11-04"
date: "2020-11-04"
campus: "Online Event"
fully_booked_out: false
from: "2020-10-26"
to: "2020-11-03"
"In this workshop, a first introduction into the programming language
Python will be given. The course will be held in German."
## Audience
This course is suited for learners who are not familiar with programming in
general or the programming language _Python_ in particular.
Participation is open for everybody.
> Please note that the course will be held in _German_ on this occasion.
## Content
The basic structures of the programming language will be introduced in an
interactive, hands-on fashion.
Afterwards, the learners will have a grasp on the fundamental steps required
to create own small-scale programs.
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