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title: Report: Our First Online SWC Workshop
title: "Our First Online SWC Workshop"
date: 2020-02-21
- erxleben
......@@ -118,15 +118,36 @@ breakout room was joined back once the issues were resolved.
# The Tools
The choice of tools significantly affects the organizational effort and workshop
quality perceived by the participants.
In the following our selected tools will be shortly introduced.
## Indico
* We created a main event and (later) a waiting list - and (even later) a third event for the online session
* Participant management was a lot of manual work, since we had to move participants between events
* Exporting/ Importing registrations from/ to events did not yet work in a satisfactory manner
We employed _Indico_ as the event planning and registration tool.
It proved to be a good choice to facilitate the registration procedure and
allows to message selected (or all) event participants directly which proved
very useful when switching the workshops to the online version.
One drawback was the limited capability to transfer registrations from one event
to another, which had to be done manually, since the provided _export_ and
_import_ features did not support a common data layout.
## GitLab
It appeared to be a good idea to extend the _git_-lesson and also give a quick
look at _GitLab_ as a web-based application for the knowledge acquired in the
workshop and a good collaborative tool.
As most of our participants were members of the HZDR and we also had the
sufficient administrative rights to allow access for all other participants, we
chose to use the institute-local _GitLab_ instance for this purpose.
In future workshops with participants from other institutions we might switch to
_gitlab.com_ for this purpose.
## HackMD
## Zoom
* Why Zoom despite known security issues?
......@@ -147,11 +168,6 @@ General consensus (participants and organizers): Need more time for these worksh
Give a note on participants falling behind if they were in a breakout room for a longer period in time.
Give a note on misconceptions determined during questions and polls.
Give a note on questions asked by participants.
Give a note on general issues participants were facing and in particular on differences due to different operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux (e.g. CRLF issue with nano).
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