Prioritized Labels
Other Labels
  • Progress::4_Can review
    For merge requests who's main task has been fulfilled and are open to reviewing
  • Testing/QA
    Everiything related to testing and QA
    HIFIS / Overall / Surveys / HIFIS-Surveyval
  • Progress::7_Waiting
  • Metadata
    For issues that are related to survey metadata.
    HIFIS / Overall / Surveys / HIFIS-Surveyval
  • Enhancement::Tests
    This issue enhances the test case base
    HIFIS / Overall / Surveys / HIFIS-Surveyval
  • Postponed to Iteration 2022
    This issue deals with tasks that are postponed to next iteration in 2022.
    HIFIS / Overall / Surveys / HIFIS-Surveyval
  • bug
  • Enhancement::Docs
    This issue deals with improving the documentation
    HIFIS / Overall / Surveys / HIFIS-Surveyval
  • helpdesk
  • Technology::Current_Sprint
    For issues planned in the current sprint of Technology Services work package.
  • Enhancement::UX
    Enhancements concerning the Users (Website visitors) Experience
  • Enhancement::Performance
    Deals with improving the websites performance
  • Enhancement::General
    Enhancements without closer specification
  • Enhancement::CI/CD
    This issue deals with improving the CI/CD pipeline
  • Progress::1_Postponed
    Work on this issue has been suspended. Due date for reactivation recommended. Implies Progress::ToDo
  • Progress::3_Doing
  • Progress::5_Under review
  • Progress::0_Stale
    No one has worked on this for quite some time. Candidate for closing as unresolved.
  • Progress::2_ToDo
  • Progress::6_Can merge
    For merge requests that have completed the review and may be merged by anyone