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Add CHANGELOG entries for all changes made for new release v1.1.0

* Add new entries in file CHANGELOG that documents latest changes from
v1.0.1 to version v1.1.0.
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## Unreleased
## [1.1.0]( - 2021-XX-XX
## [1.1.0]( - 2021-07-13
[List of commits](
### Added
- Additional features for preprocessing to mark and filter out specific answers
by [erxleb87](
- Enable DataContainer to compose a DataFrame from given IDs
by [erxleb87](
- Add license files for issue templates
by [erxleb87](
- Write a section in CONTRIBUTING file about how to create and document a tag
by [hueser93](
### Changed
- exclude release links from link checking
- Exclude release links from link checking
by [mdolling-gfz](
- Change development status classifier to production/stable
by [Normo](
- Add documentation of additional flag for preprocessing as a method argument
by [mdolling-gfz](
## [1.0.1]( - 2021-06-21
[List of commits](
### Added
- missing documentation for preprocess option of the init command
- Missing documentation for preprocess option of the init command
by [mdolling-gfz](
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