Commit 9bd8e5e1 authored by Hueser, Christian (FWCC) - 138593's avatar Hueser, Christian (FWCC) - 138593 Committed by Erxleben, Fredo
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Make mandatory key optional in questions as well

If not specified in YAML., the key defaults to false.
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......@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@ class Question(
HasLabel.YAML_TOKEN: str,
HasText.YAML_TOKEN: dict,
token_DATA_TYPE: lambda t: t in VALID_ANSWER_TYPES,
HasMandatory.YAML_TOKEN: bool,
schema.Optional(HasMandatory.YAML_TOKEN, default=False): bool,
schema.Optional(token_ANSWER_OPTIONS, default=[]): list,
schema.Optional(str): object, # Catchall for unsupported yaml data
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