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Resolve "Accept IETF language tags"

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......@@ -35,11 +35,16 @@ class Translated(YamlConstructable):
A wrapper around text instances with multiple translations.
Languages are identified by their ISO 693-1 two-letter codes.
Optionally an uppercase region identifier may be appended as well. Region
identifiers consist of a two or three letter code and must be separated by
a dash from the language identifier.
Examples for valid identifiers are `de`, `en-US` but not `frFR`.
schema = Schema(
And(str, Regex("^[a-z]{2}$")): And(
And(str, Regex("^[a-z]{2}(-[A-Z]{2,3})?$")): And(
lambda s: s,
error="Translation must neither be empty nor None",
......@@ -62,8 +67,8 @@ class Translated(YamlConstructable):
A mapping from the language code to the translation in the
respective language. The dictionary must not be empty.
Keys are expected to be two-letter codes, and values must
neither be None nor be empty.
Keys are expected to be two-letter codes with an optional
region code, and values must neither be None nor be empty.
self._translations = Translated.schema.validate(translations)
......@@ -80,17 +85,33 @@ class Translated(YamlConstructable):
Get the translation for a specific language.
If the passed in language code has a region specifier, and no
translation for this region is given, a translation with only the
language code will be looked up as a fallback.
The ISO 693-1 two letter code for the language the text is
requested for.
requested for. Optionally a dash followed by an uppercase
two or three letter region code may be appended as well.
The text in the requested language or None if no translation for
this language exists.
If no translation for the requested language (with or
without region code) can be found.
return self._translations.get(language_code, None)
# TODO: Decide whether it is better to raise an error if the language
# is not available
return self._translations[language_code]
except KeyError:
return self._translations[language_code[0:1]]
except KeyError:
raise KeyError(
f"No translation for {language_code} in {self._translations}"
def _from_yaml_dictionary(yaml: YamlDict, **kwargs) -> "Translated":
......@@ -103,7 +124,7 @@ class Translated(YamlConstructable):
The YamlDict representing the translations.
Keys are expected to be two-letter codes for the language and
Keys are expected to be language and optional region codes and
values are supposed to be the appropriate translations.
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