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Improve error output when CSV data does not match the metadata

Signed-off-by: Erxleben, Fredo's avatarFredo Erxleben <>
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......@@ -150,17 +150,30 @@ class DataContainer(object):
# over again. This expects that in each row the indices for the
# questions are identical.
# Step 0: Check if all questions are present in the header
for question_collection in self._survey_questions.values():
for question in question_collection.questions:
if question.full_id not in header:
logging.warning(f"Question {question.full_id} was in "
f"metadata but not in the CSV file")
# Step 1: Find the column for the participant IDs
id_column_index = header.index(self._settings.ID_COLUMN_NAME)
# Step 2: Find the Question for each of the headings
for index in range(0, len(header)):
if index == id_column_index:
# no need to check this, it will not be a question
potential_question_id = header[index]
question = self.question_for_id(potential_question_id)
question_cache[index] = question
except (KeyError, IndexError):
# TODO: log ignored columns for potential CSV debugging?
logging.error(f"While parsing answers for "
f"{potential_question_id}: Question unknown, "
f"check the metadata")
assert id_column_index not in question_cache
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