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Resolve "Automate rewriting of the CSV data file header if Question Collection...

Resolve "Automate rewriting of the CSV data file header if Question Collection full IDs are missing the Question ID part"
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......@@ -192,6 +192,10 @@ class FileSettings(BaseSettings):
# column
ID_COLUMN_NAME: str = "id"
# The ID that the framework injects for questions that are named as a
# question collection by LimeSurvey
class Config:
Subclass for specification.
......@@ -145,10 +145,11 @@ class DataContainer(object):
body: List[List[str]] = csv_data[1:]
question_cache: Dict[int, Question] = {}
# The question cache associates column indices with questions
# The question cache associates column indices with questions.
# It is here to avoid having to constantly look up the questions all
# over again. This expects that in each row the indices for the
# questions are identical.
# questions are identical, which, given the input is CSV data,
# should be the case.
# Step 0: Check if all questions are present in the header
for question_collection in self._survey_questions.values():
......@@ -167,13 +168,29 @@ class DataContainer(object):
potential_question_id = header[index]
# Limesurvey has that thing where questions may be at the top
# level (i.e. not within a collection) but still named as if
# they were a collection. This is not possible in the
# metadata. This corner case is handled here by appending the
# anonymous question identifier to the potential_question_id.
# The underscore character has been chosen on purpose and as an
# indicator for this special case because there won't be any
# clashes with the question IDs allowed by Limesurvey and hence
# there won't be any naming confusion introduced here.
if Identifiable.HIERARCHY_SEPARATOR not in potential_question_id:
potential_question_id += Identifiable.HIERARCHY_SEPARATOR
potential_question_id += Settings.ANONYMOUS_QUESTION_ID
# Handle the regular case
question = self.question_for_id(potential_question_id)
question_cache[index] = question
except (KeyError, IndexError):
logging.error(f"While parsing answers for "
f"{potential_question_id}: Question unknown, "
f"check the metadata")
f"While parsing answers for {potential_question_id}: "
f"Question unknown, check the metadata"
assert id_column_index not in question_cache
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