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Prepare CHANGELOG and pyproject to release version v1.2.0-preview

* Version v1.2.0-preview is an intermediate release.
* Adapt file CHANGELOG and add all recent changes since last release.
* Adapt version string in file pyproject.toml for v1.2.0-preview.
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......@@ -31,6 +31,41 @@ Group your changes into these categories:
`Added`, `Changed`, `Deprecated`, `Removed`, `Fixed`, `Security`.
## [1.2.0-preview]( - 2021-10-01
[List of commits](
### Fixed
- Various minor quality fixes: adapt file .gitignore and fix typos
by [erxleb87](
- Project and repository URL changed and need to be adapted in the documentation
by [hueser93](
- Automate rewriting of the CSV data file header if Question Collection full IDs are missing the Question ID part
by [erxleb87](
- Fixing that invalid answers are removed multiple times which results in key errors
by [hueser93](
- Fixing that answer values are all transformed to True if casted to bool when read in from data
by [hueser93](
- Fixing example analysis script about accessing data and use ANONYMOUS_QUESTION_ID where necessary
by [hueser93](
- Replace _ (underscore) with / (slash) as HIERARCHY_SEPARATOR given in data header when reading in data
by [hueser93](
### Added
- Develop example analysis script with step-by-step explanations to access metadata and data
by [hueser93](
- Split metadata YAML file up into one file per question collection
by [erxleb87](
## [1.1.1]( - 2021-08-10
[List of commits](
......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@
name = "hifis-surveyval"
version = "1.1.1"
version = "1.2.0-preview"
description = "This project is used to develop analysis scripts for the HIFIS Software survey."
license = "GPL-3.0-or-later"
authors = ["HIFIS Software <>"]
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