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Adapt file CHANGELOG to document changes made during developments

* Adapt file CHANGELOG with regard to past developments to have proper documentation of what the actual changes are in each version of the project.
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## Unreleased
### Added
- ABC for plotters
- matplotlib plotter
- printer module
- data payload for example scripts
## [1.0.0]( - 2021-06-18
[List of commits](
### Added
- Added an external configuration file to set defaults for an analysis run
by [mdolling-gfz](
by [hueser93](
- Refactor internal structure for OOP-style and add an example analysis script
by [mdolling-gfz](
- Add unit test cases for module `data_container`
by [hueser93](
- Add unit test cases for module `question_collection`
by [hueser93](
- Add unit test cases for module `answer_option`
by [hueser93](
- Add unit test cases for module `question`
by [hueser93](
- Refactor models and adapt them to changed metadata structure and elements
by [erxleb87](
- Add unit test cases for module `settings`
by [hueser93](
- Detect CSV files with gitleaks which is part of the tool SQA
by [Normo](
- Add file `` to provide license information of the project
by [Normo](
- Create a getting started guide for the project
by [mdolling-gfz](
- Split up object routed to analysis scripts into data container and analysis objects
by [mdolling-gfz](
- Add capabilities to add a data preprocessing script to the project
by [mdolling-gfz](
- Add URLs of project to file `pyproject.toml` for
by [Normo](
- Add URL of project documentation to file `pyproject.toml` for
by [Normo](
### Changed
- internal structure
- interface to the analysis scripts
- Change Makefile and GitLab CI pipeline
by [mdolling-gfz](
- Improve inline documentation and API documentation
by [mdolling-gfz](
- Replace default branch names in GitLab CI pipeline with variable `CI_DEFAULT_BRANCH`
by [Normo](
- Generate and publish project documentation on merges into default branch `main`
by [Normo](
- Adapt file CHANGELOG to document changes made during the developments
by [hueser93](
### Fixed
- internal data handling
\ No newline at end of file
- Enable GitLab CI job trigger to run on merges into default branch
by [mdolling-gfz](
- Fix infinite recursion in method `add_answer` in module `question`
by [hueser93](
- Add missing `` files to unit test case packages
by [hueser93](
## [0.3.0]( - 2021-04-22
[List of commits](
### Added
- Add SQA tool for software quality assessments during GitLab CI pipeline
by [mdolling-gfz](
- Publish project on as `hifis-surveyval`
by [hueser93](
### Changed
- Replace Pipenv by Poetry and add file `pyproject.toml` to project
by [mdolling-gfz](
- Rename project to `HIFIS-Surveyval`
by [mdolling-gfz](
## [0.1.0]( - 2021-04-12
- Initial version of the project.
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