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plot for MV202109

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set datafile separator ","
set output './plot.pdf'
set yrange [0:*]
set xdata time
set timefmt "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M"
set format x "%Y-%m-%d"
set xrange ["2019-09-01":"2021-10-02"]
set xtics rotate by 45 offset -4,-3
set ytics nomirror
set key top left
set border 3
set terminal pdf color enhanced size 4,6 font "Helvetica, 16"
if (!exists("MP_LEFT")) MP_LEFT = 0.16
if (!exists("MP_RIGHT")) MP_RIGHT = .82
if (!exists("MP_BOTTOM")) MP_BOTTOM = .15
if (!exists("MP_TOP")) MP_TOP = .98
if (!exists("MP_xGAP")) MP_xGAP = 0.07
if (!exists("MP_yGAP")) MP_yGAP = 0.03
set multiplot layout 2,1 columnsfirst margins screen MP_LEFT, MP_RIGHT, MP_BOTTOM, MP_TOP spacing screen MP_xGAP, MP_yGAP
set timefmt "%d.%m.%Y"
set ylabel "Helmholtz AAI users" offset 1
set xtics textcolor rgbcolor "white" nomirror
plot '../stats/aai/aai_users.csv' u 1:2 w l lc black lw 2 notitle
set border 11
set datafile separator ","
set ylabel "Cumulative course participant-hours"
set y2label "Per-month participant-hours" offset -1
set y2tics
set xtics textcolor rgbcolor "black" offset -4,-4 nomirror
set timefmt "%Y-%m"
set style fill pattern 6
plot '../stats/workshops/hifis_all_workshop_statistics.csv' u 1:2 w boxes axis x1y2 lc rgb "#8CB423" lw 0.8 title 'per month' ,\
'' u 1:3 w l lc black lw 2 title 'cumulative'
unset multiplot
gnuplot plot.plt
for fn in *.pdf; do
pdftoppm $fn plot_temp -singlefile -aa no -aaVector no -r 300 -png
convert plot_temp.png ${fn%.pdf}.png
rm plot_temp.png
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Subproject commit 333187f20363f6e63de2fcc005016d08612d9acb
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