Commit 366845d7 authored by Uwe Jandt (DESY, HIFIS)'s avatar Uwe Jandt (DESY, HIFIS)
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Merge branch 'sa.apweiler-master-patch-87331' into 'master'

Add Gitlab from HZB as connected service

See merge request hifis/communication/service-usage-plots!18
parents 3d3f26bb bd2604b3
......@@ -55,4 +55,4 @@ date,0,0,0,0,commentar,
21.5.21,92,17,5,11,2x LimeSurvey DKFZ
28.6.21,93,17,5,11,DOI TERENO
13.7.21,94,17,5,11,UFU BioMe Stage
13.7.21,95,17,5,11,UFU BioMe Stage + Gitlab HZB
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