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title: "HIFIS Homepages unified"
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data: 2021-05-05
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excerpt: >
The HIFIS pages have been re-united! Yay!
After some time of living separately, the former and homepages have been merged to one, as they should be.
All HIFIS services - covering software, cloud, backbone and overarching services, are now being presented on one unified page. Check it out!
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#### Central elements of the new page
All details, documents and explanations on HIFIS are accessible from []({% link %}), with some being directly accessible under the following shortlinks:
* [****]({% link services/ %}) -- All HIFIS Services in a nutshell.
* [****]({% link %}) -- HIFIS Events, including Courses and Community Events.
* [****]({% link news/index.html %}) -- HIFIS News and Announcements.
* [****]({% link %}) -- Publications of HIFIS.
* [****]({% link roadmap/ %}) -- HIFIS Roadmap.
* [****]( -- HIFIS Technical and Adminstrative Documentation.
#### Forwarding of old links
All links to the former page are being redirected to the new site, so don't fear to end up in missing links all the way.
However, you are encouraged to update any dangling links to the new site, when possible.
#### Stay tuned!
This site will be continuously updated. We will add anything that's new on topics like
* New Services provided,
* Use Cases of Services,
* Frequently Asked Questions,
* ...any many more!
To never miss any updates on HIFIS, we invite you to:
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#### Comments and Suggestions
If you have suggestions, questions, or queries, please don't hesitate to write us.
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title="HIFIS Helpdesk">
Contact us! <i class="fas fa-envelope"></i></a>
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