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Fix broken link and missing data which prevented the site from building

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......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ and get feedback regarding how to improve its appearance and content.
In case you are just interested to know how to contribute with a
blog post to _HIFIS Software_ web-page you can find a
[blog post]({% post_url /2019/11/2019-11-22-How-to-Create-a-new-Blog-Post %} "How to Create a New Blog Post?")
[blog post]({https://software.hifis.net/tutorials/2019/11/22/How-to-Create-a-new-Blog-Post "How to Create a New Blog Post?")
explaining the suggested workflow in the blog post section
of the web-page.
......@@ -30,3 +30,11 @@
# - type: facebook # c.f. _data/social_platforms.yml
# link_as: https://www.facebook.com/my-profile-url
# show_as: "My Profile"
- id: example
name: "Example, Edger"
organization: hzdr
position: "Chief of Example Dpt."
office: "Buildeing A, Room 1"
rank: 0
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