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helmoltz-aai: update the uris


The maintainer of helmholtz changed to a new domain.


Change the uris of the hdf to reflect the new domain


AAI works and no visible changes to users

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Acked-by: Franz Stephan
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logging: logging:
level: level:
root: INFO root: INFO
org.springframework.web: INFO org.springframework.web: INFO INFO INFO INFO INFO
org.springframework.boot.autoconfigure: DEBUG org.springframework.boot.autoconfigure: DEBUG
server: server:
forward-headers-strategy: NATIVE forward-headers-strategy: NATIVE
spring: spring:
security: security:
oauth2: oauth2:
client: client:
registration: registration:
unity: unity:
provider: hdf provider: hdf
client-id: helmholtz-marketplace client-id: helmholtz-marketplace
client-secret: ${secret:nopass} client-secret: ${secret:nopass}
authorization-grant-type: authorization_code authorization-grant-type: authorization_code
redirect-uri: "{baseUrl}/login/oauth2/code/unity" redirect-uri: "{baseUrl}/login/oauth2/code/unity"
scope: scope:
- credentials - credentials
- profile - profile
- email - email
client-authentication-method: basic client-authentication-method: basic
provider: provider:
hdf: hdf:
issuer-uri: issuer-uri:
authorization-uri: authorization-uri:
token-uri: token-uri:
user-info-uri: user-info-uri:
jwk-set-uri: jwk-set-uri:
user-name-attribute: sub user-name-attribute: sub
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