1. 02 Dec, 2020 4 commits
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      remove the echo of $CI_COMMIT_TAG · 47746ce9
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      echo the value of of $CI_COMMIT_TAG · 6aa8626d
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      close the if block statement · b41a987b
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      add env variable to dockerfile and adjust ci/cd deploy stage · 54453e32
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      Since we are moving to dockerize deployment, some variables,
      like the neo4j hostname needs to be set different base on
      the environment set up.
      Also, we need to seperated the images that will be generated
      when a normal commit is made and when a release is trigger.
      - expose the neo4j host name as configurable variable
      - seperate docker image generated from a commit and a tag
      - add production_deployment to ci/cd deploy stage. This
         will be use to depoly to the production system. However,
         it just include a test to see if the ssh will work.
      Two different docker images will be build, one for stable
      tagged release and the other for development. These images
      will be push to different docker repositories.
      Target: master
  2. 10 Nov, 2020 1 commit
  3. 15 Oct, 2020 3 commits
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      fix minor typo · b015c7c6
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      `tar` -> `jar`
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      skip tests · 5b989230
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      When the test stage of the ci/cd is trigger, it currently fail. 
      The main reason is that it took more than the stipulated time of 
      one hour to run.
      skip unit/integration tests
      no testing
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      refactor the ci/cd and supress false positive dependency · b9829399
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      Maven test are unncessarily ran at least twice and some
      stage that were declared that were not use. This cause
      some unexpected behaviour in the ci/cd build.
      Also, the ci/cd fail because of some false postive in the
      dependency vulnerabilities scan
      - Define only neccessary stages and use them accordingly.
      - add some few dependecies supression
      - Keep the ci/cd simple and avoid running multiple tests
      - when `mvn org.owasp:dependency-check-maven:check` is run
      Vulnerabilities found equal 0
      Target: master
      Review: https://gitlab.hzdr.de/hifis-technical-platform/helmholtz-cerebrum/-/merge_requests/39
  4. 24 Aug, 2020 1 commit
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      organisations-api: add integration tests · 937ce44b
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      The organisations api can handle varieties of request. Since
      this will evolve over time, integration tests are needed to
      ensure that basic functionalities are not broken when a new
      patch is submitted.
      - add various tests scenarios to cover all HTTP methods in the
          organisations API
      - adjust the organisations controller:
          - post method to return 201, location url in the header
              and a json body that contain the newly create organisation
          - put method to return 200 if the uuid already exist or 201
              if it is a new uuid.
          - get, put and patch will first check the validity of the uuid
              and thrown and exception if the uuid is invalid.
          - change the return type of deleteUuid from void to long
      - create CerebrumInvalidUuidException which will be use for invalid
      - add two exceptions to the CerebrumExceptionHandler which are
          CerebrumInvalidUuidException and HttpMessageNotReadableException
          (this is for malformed json or json+patch)
      - add tests to check that CerebrumExceptionHandler handle those two
          new added exceptions
      - fix some minor bugs inside CerebrumEntityUuidGenerator
      - obtain and set aai token variable that will be use by the ci
      Improve test coverage for organisation API and some minor
      bug fixes.
      Target: master
      Acked-by: Franz Stephan
      Review-at: https://gitlab.hzdr.de/hifis-technical-platform/helmholtz-cerebrum/-/merge_requests/20
  5. 19 Aug, 2020 2 commits
  6. 30 Jun, 2020 1 commit