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Extend logs with automatic MR deployment descriptions

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......@@ -75,6 +75,7 @@ trigger_deploy_mr:
- apk add curl
- 'curl -X POST -F token=$GITLAB_DESY_TOKEN -F ref=main --form "variables[CI_COMMIT_REF_NAME]=$CI_COMMIT_REF_NAME" --form "variables[CI_MERGE_REQUEST_IID]=$CI_MERGE_REQUEST_IID" --form "variables[CP_COMPONENT]=cerebrum" $GITLAB_DESY_URL'
- echo "Application will be automatically deployed. After a couple of minutes you can find it at http://cerebrum-`echo $CI_COMMIT_REF_NAME | tr _ -`"
# Helmholtz Marketplace Cerebrum
HIFIS Cloud Portal Cerebrum
Cerebrum is the resources API for Helmholtz Cloud Portal.
Cerebrum is the resources API for Helmholtz marketplace.
### Automatic deployments of Merge Requests
## Building and Running
Each Merge Request will be automatically deployed to a Kubernetes test cluster so that you can directly see your changes in a live deployment. It will be set up together with the Webapp frontend with its own database. For the Webapp the code from its current master branch will be taken. A dynamic URL based on the branch name of the MR will be created. You can find the URL in the output of the last job in the CI/CD pipeline (`trigger_deploy_mr`). When you push new commits to the MR the application will be redeployed.
### Building and Running
In order to build and run Helmholtz Marketplace Cerebrum you will need
* OpenJDK 11
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