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# Slurm in Docker
A Docker container (based on Fedora) running Slurm and Slurmctl daemons, providing Slurm commands
like `srun`, `sbatch`, etc. This container can be used for testing your HPC applications.
## Setup
The container is set up to automatically detect your hardware on start-up. It will provide one
compute node that shares the specifications of the platform it is running on (number of cores,
hyperthreading, ...). The *cluster* (if you want to call your single node that) is called `sid`
(Slurm in Docker) and it has one partition, `sidp`, containing said node.
When you start the container, the services are already up and running. You will be greeted by a Bash
shell running as `root`.
## Building and running the container
If you have Docker set up on your system, you can easily start the container by executing
`make run`. This will automatically build and tag the image for you. The first build may take a few
The default target for make is `build`. This will build the container using the name and tag
specified at the top of the Makefile. If you wish to give the container a different name, you can
pass it to `make` as an argument, e.g. `make CONTAINER=slurm`.
## Just running the container
If you don't want to build the container yourself, you can pull it from HZDR's registry. (Remember
to log in and out!)
docker login
docker pull
docker logout
To run the container use this command:
docker run -ti --rm
The image is updated weekly.
## Using it in your CI job
... is as easy as
- srun -n 2 hostname
## Running other programs
You can pass any program name to the container. At the moment, there are not a lot of programs
installed on it, though. Feel free to write an issue or provide a merge request if you have any
docker run -it --rm ps faux
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