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Prototype of a gitlab-runner using a custom executor to run CI jobs on hemera cluster.
- Run ./ to symlink the runner configuration file to the apropriate place. You will be
warned if the gitlab-runner executable (which you will need when working with artifacts) is not in
your path.
- Start the runner: gitlab-runner run --working-directory
- Register runners to your project: gitlab-runner register
You'll need one runner with the tag "hemera" and one without.
- Edit the runner-config.toml and place the tokens of the newly generated configuration blocks in
the two old blocks and delete the rest of the new ones.
This process is necessary when executing the runner as a non-privileged user.
Code overview
============= -- creates a symlink for the configuration file
runner-config.toml -- configuration of the gitlab-runner -- contains variables commonly used by the other scripts -- is executed in the config stage -- is executed in the run stage -- is executed in the cleanup stage
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