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......@@ -8,7 +8,6 @@ Usage in .gitlab-ci.yml
- CI jobs that are supposed to run on the cluster must be tagged with `hemera`
- Pass options to the Slurm job by adding them to your job as variables and prepending "CI_SLURM_"
to their name. Options must be all upper case, hyphens become underscores. Currently supported
options are:
......@@ -18,8 +17,6 @@ Usage in .gitlab-ci.yml
- Example 1: Run a hybrid MPI/OpenMP job
......@@ -36,7 +33,6 @@ run_mpi_omp:
- export OMP_NUM_THREADS=8
- mpirun ./mpi_omp
- Example 2: Run a CUDA job on the GPU partition
......@@ -58,12 +54,9 @@ Runner setup
- Run `./` to symlink the runner configuration file to the apropriate place. You will be
warned if the gitlab-runner executable (which you will need when working with artifacts) is not in
your path.
- Start the runner: `gitlab-runner run:working-directory`
- Register runners to your project: `gitlab-runner register`
You'll need one runner with the tag "hemera" and one without.
- Edit the runner-config.toml and place the tokens of the newly generated configuration blocks in
the two old blocks and delete the rest of the new ones.
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