Commit 49eaaaf2 authored by Flemming Stäbler's avatar Flemming Stäbler
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Merge branch 'dome' of into dome

parents fb7650fd 5454ae62
import { Services, ServiceBarrier } from "./Services";
export class FlexibleTimeBaseService {
export class FlexibleTimeBaseService{
private tracked_rt =;
private internal_time = this.tracked_rt;
......@@ -92,7 +92,7 @@ export class RecordingService extends EventTarget{
this.callback_id = null;
if(!this.isPlayingBack) return;
this.isPlayingBack = false;
this.dispatchEvent(new PlaybackStateEvent(true, this.event_number));
this.dispatchEvent(new PlaybackStateEvent(false, this.event_number));
public goEndPlayback(){
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