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# Image datacuration:
- Video Split (Optional): Reduces the file size to manageable amount (Recommended: < 10GB)
- Image Feature Extraction: Basic features derived from imagery to quantify the visual content (Recommended: Entropy, Mean RGB)
- Image Time Correction: Correlates basic image features with other metadata (navigation, DSHIP protocol, deployment protocol) to verify start times of each image
- Image Identification: Renames image files and adds a unique identifier to the file header for future persistent identification
- File Splitting (Optional): Separates thousands of files to subfolders (Recommended: maximum of 1000files per folder)
- Image Hashing: Computes a hash (Recommened: SHA256) for each file to monitor its integrity
- Image Scale Determination: Computing real-world scale of each still image or moving image frame. This is a complex task and may require 3D reconstruction, laser point annotation/detection, reference calibration and linking to other data (e.g. f-number and altitude).
- Image Storage in Repository: Placing the image data in an appropriate institutional repository from where it can be accessed by researchers, the public and processing tools (e.g. Pangaea, GEOMAR Elements Medialib, HZG Elements Medialib). Keep the folder structure intact for simple synchronization.
- Image Storage in secondary location for disaster recovery: Placing the image data at another location (another building) for long-term archival / disaster recovery.
- Video frame extraction (Optional): Extract frames from moving images.
- Image georeferencing (Optional): Computing world files for still images.
- Image survey overview (Optional): Merge georeferenced world files for still images.
- Make Image survey overview public (Optional): Put the GeoTif in a publicly accessible location, ideally accessible through WMS (e.g. GeoServer).
- Image data proxy generation: Creating a proxy for the visual content of the image data. This can be based on the basic features and should be render-able in a 500x250 px tooltip.
- Image data usage classification: Create a machine-readable data description of image data characteristics (to render icons in the MareHub viewer)
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