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......@@ -54,11 +54,10 @@ SO268-1_21-1_GMR_CAM-23_20190513_131417.jpg -123.854639 42.133428 4230.5 12.0
There are some information in the image curation process that need to be available to facilitate FAIRness of the imagery. In the end, it is the [iFDO]( that provides this functionality but on the way to creating the iFDO the curation workflow may create intermediate information files. How those look is very much up to your individual data curation processes and tools. Anyhow we define some essential files here which are used in the software packages provided by the AG V/I.
## Important *.yaml files
- Project curation file (TODO)
- [Project curation file](
- [iFDO](
- [pFDO](
- Processing [provenance]( file
- Image content feature file (TODO)
## Important *.txt files
Note that its not required that you create all these files. In case you can directly create the [iFDO]( that is also fine. We just found that its helpful to keep these intermediate files available as well.
......@@ -116,3 +115,12 @@ SO268-1_21-1_GMR_CAM-23_20190513_131416.jpg 27c3585560f93a78995a038b5970a002315d
_When working with the AGV/I [data structure]( place this file at:_ `/<volume>/<project>/<event>/<sensor>/intermediate/<event>_<sensor>_image-hashes.txt`
### Image content feature file
image-filename pfdo-proxy-entropy pfdo-proxy-particle-count pfdo-proxy-average-color
SO268-1_21-1_GMR_CAM-23_20190513_131415.jpg 0.475 1342 [27,245,64]
SO268-1_21-1_GMR_CAM-23_20190513_131416.jpg: 0.657 4223 [29,233,61]
SO268-1_21-1_GMR_CAM-23_20190513_131417.jpg: 0.632 2342 [31,231,57]
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