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Image navigation data curation:
- DSHIP Export(Optional): Fetch all available underwater navigation data (lat,lon,dep, yaw/heading if possible) for one event from the ship’s DSHIP systemand the specific navigation sensor <nav_b> used during this event.
- Platform-specific navigation data(Optional): Fetch available underwater navigation data for a specific platform in case it is not managed through DSHIP (e.g. AUV).
- Navigation data curation: Processing of available navigation data to apply quality control and to create curated navigation data for various uses and outlets. For moving cameras, navigation data should be available at 1 Hz resolution. For stationary observations, a single coordinate suffices. For experiments in the lab the institute coordinate is chosen. For lab imaging of samples, the location of the sample is chosen.
- Image Navigation determination: Combine the curated image file names and 1Hz navigation data to navigation data per image
- Make Image Navigation data public: Put the image-wise navigation data in publicly accessible locations, ideally accessible through WMS (e.g. GeoServerfor GeoJson), Pangaea for .txt
- Make Image Navigation data available in image annotation software (Optional): Add the curated navigation and scaling data to the annotation software to enable size computation and georeferencing of objects in the images
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