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# pFDO - proxy FAIR Digital Object
Image data is inherently unstructured and obtaining a glimpse of its content is hard to achieve for humans as well as machines. pFDOs are a mechanism to encode the content of image data by means of proxies. These can take various forms as described below. Simple examples are thumbnails for images or the average intensity along a video. Some proxies are specified here for the purpose of visualizing the content of imagery in the MareHub data portal and in other context. This collection of proxies is expected to grow with time, as additional (marine) imaging domains make use of this concept.
## File format
All proxy metadata shall be stored in one proxy FAIR digital object (pFDO) file. The file should be human and machine-readable, hence *.yaml format is recommended. The file name should be: <project>_<event>_<sensor>_pFDO.yaml. Bold: suggested best-practice.
# Types of pFDOs
## pFDO Vocabulary terms
- photo
- video
- scan
- raw
- processed
- product
## Required pFDO fields:
| Field | Format / Values / Unit | Comment |
| ----- | ---------------------- | ------- |
| image-set-name | Needs to include `<project>, <event>, <sensor>` and purpose | A unique name for the image set |
| image-set-uuid | UUID | A UUID (**version 4 - random**) for the entire image set |
| image-set-metadata-handle | Handle String | A Handle (using the UUID?) to point to this metadata record |
| image-set-creators | **Orcids** | Orcids (or Name, E-Mail) |
| image-set-license | CC-BY / **CC-0** | Copyright sentence / contact person or office |
| image-set-acquisition-type | photo, video, scan | photo: still images, video: moving images, scan: microscopy / slide scans |
| image-set-image-quality | raw, processed, product | raw: straight from the sensor, processed: QA/QC'd, product: image data ready for interpretation |
| image-set-deployment-type | mapping, stationary, survey, exploration, experiment, sampling | mapping: planned path execution along 2-3 spatial axes, stationary: fixed spatial position, survey: planned path execution along free path, exploration: unplanned path execution, experiment: observation of manipulated environment, sampling: ex-situ imaging of samples taken by other method |
| image-set-navigation | satellite, transceiver, transponder, reconstructed | satellite: GPS/Galileo etc., transceiver: USBL etc., transponder: LBL etc., reconstructed: position estimated from other measures like cable length and course over ground |
| image-set-scale-reference | 3D camera, calibrated camera, laser marker, optical flow | 3D camera: the imaging system provides scale directly, calibrated camera: image data and additional external data like object distance provide scale together, laser marker: scale information is embedded in the visual data, optical flow: scale is computed from the relative movement of the images and the camera navigation data |
| image-set-illumination | sunlight, artificial light, mixed light | |
| image-set-resolution | km, hm, dam, m, cm, mm, µm | size of one pixel of an image |
| image-set-terrain | seafloor, water column, sea surface, atmosphere, laboratory | seafloor: images taken in/on/right above the seafloor, water column: images taken in the free water without the seafloor or the sea surface in sight, sea surface: images taken right below the sea surface, atmosphere: images taken outside of the water, laboratory: images taken ex-situ |
| image-set-spectral resolution | grayscale, rgb, multi-spectral, hyper-spectral | grayscale: single channel imagery, rgb: three channel imagery, multi-spectral: 4-10 channel imagery, hyper-spectral: 10+ channel imagery |
## Optional pFDO fields (depending on imaging domain and pFDO types used)
| Field | Format / Values / Unit | Comment |
| ----- | ---------------------- | ------- |
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