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......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ Achieving FAIRness and Openness of (marine) image data requires structured and s
## Delicious (marine) image data
iFDOs consist of sections. Some are required, some are recommended, some are optional. You will only have FAIR image data with the required sections. You will only gain visibility and credit for iFDOs with the recommended sections populated. And you will only have awesome image data in case you also populate your domain-specific optional sections.
![Delicious iFDOs]( "Delicious iFDOs"){:height="36px" width="36px"}
<img src="" title="Delicious iFDOs" width="500">
The iFDO sections can consist of header and item information subsections. For the core iFDO, the header subsection contains all information that is identical for all the image items. The image item information subsection contains all the information where the individual images require their specific metadata value. An example is the coordinate: for a moving camera, all image items require their own image-latitude value. In case of a stationary camera, the image-set-latitude value can be used instead.
## iFDO sections
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