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# Metadata Vocabulary Profile
# Introduction
Marine image data collections need a core set of standardized metadata for FAIR and open publication. An entire image set (e.g. deployment) requires header information on the ownership and allowed usage of the collection. Numerical metadata is required for each image on its acquisition position. It is recommended to provide further optional metadata.
# Version
This is **Version 0.9.2** of the DataHub/MareHub working group "Videos / Images" metadata vocabulary and profile for marine imagery. It is referred to as: **MareHub_VideosImages_MVP_0.9.2**. It is the foundation for publishing and accessing marine image data according to the working group's standard operating procedure: **MareHub_VideosImages_SOP_0.9.2**.
# Metadata vocabulary terms
The following wording will be used throughout the document.
- images: photos (still images) and videos (moving images) acquired by cameras, recording the optical spectrum of light (
- still image: A static visual representation (
- moving image: A series of visual representations imparting an impression of motion when shown in succession (
- image set: a collection of at least one, but usually many, images (
- `<tag>`: represent placeholders for information (variables)
- `<project>`: the project, expedition or cruise acronym
- `<event>`: part of a project, this refers to the station number in marine sciences
- `<sensor>`: a unique, human-readable identifier (or nickname) for the data acquisition device / camera
# Image set:
All image metadata shall be stored in one FAIR digital object (FDO) file. This file shall contain all header and detail fields for the image set. The file should be human and machine-readable, hence *.yaml format is recommended. The file name should be: <project>_<event>_<sensor>_iFDO.yaml
## Header information
| Field | Format / Values / Unit | Comment |
| ----- | ---------------------- | ------- |
| image-set-name | <project>_<event>_<sensor> | A unique name for the image set |
| image-set-context | <project> | Project or expedition or cruise or experiment or ... |
| image-set-event | <event> | One event of a project or expedition or cruise or experiment or ... |
| image-set-platform | <platform> | Sensors URN or Equipment Git ID (Handle) |
| image-set-sensor | <sensor> | Sensors URN or Equipment Git ID |
| image-set-uuid | UUID4 | A UUID (recommended: version 4 - random) for the entire image set |
| image-set-data-handle | Handle String | A Handle (using the UUID?) to point from the metadata to the data |
| image-set-metadata-handle | Handle String | A Handle (using the UUID?) to point to this metadata record |
| image-set-crs | EPSG:4326, ... | The coordinate reference system |
| image-set-type | String | Video, Photo, Microscopy, ... |
| image-set-creator | Orcid | Orcid (or Name, E-Mail) |
| image-set-license | CC-BY-NC / CC-BY / CC-0 | Copyright sentence / contact person or office |
| image-set-coordinate-uncertainty* | Float (m) | Average/static uncertainty of coordinates in this dataset, given in meters |
Fields marked by a star * can be part of the image-set block in case they are static (always the same value for each image). In case they do vary across the dataset, the metadata of each image may also contain this value, but without the "-set" term (e.g. image-acquisition-settings). The metadata for an image always supersedes the corresponding metadata for the image-set! Bold: suggested best-practice.
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