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......@@ -45,4 +45,5 @@ All proxy metadata shall be stored in one proxy FAIR digital object (pFDO) file.
| pfdo-proxy-mpeg7-features | **yaml** | `<image filename 1>:\n\t<descriptor 0>: [<value>,<value>,...]\n\t<descriptor 1>: [<value>,<value>,...]\n<image filename 2>:\n\t<descriptor 0>: [<value>,<value>,...]\n...>` |
# Example
[pFDO example]( SO268-1_021-1_GMR_CAM-23_example-pFDO.yaml
- [pFDO example]( SO268-1_021-1_GMR_CAM-23_example-pFDO.yaml
- [pFDO core proxy vocabulary]( the set of allowed terms to be used in creating core proxies for pFDOs.
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