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# Introduction
Achieving FAIRness and Openness of (marine) image data requires structured and standardized metadata on the image data itself and the visual and semantic image data content. This metadata shall be provided in the form of FAIR digital object (FDOs). The following definitions describe how the image data itself shall be enriched by iFDOs, the visual content of the images by Proxy-FDOs (pFDOs) and the semantic content of the image data by sFDOs.
# Version
## Version
Continuous versioning of the FDOs is given by the commit hashes. Releases with numerical versioning will be created upon major changes.
# Metadata vocabulary terms
## Metadata vocabulary terms
The following wording will be used throughout the documents.
- images: photos (still images) and videos (moving images) acquired by cameras, recording the optical spectrum of light (
- still image: A static visual representation (
......@@ -15,5 +15,12 @@ The following wording will be used throughout the documents.
- `<event>`: part of a project, this refers to the station number in marine sciences
- `<sensor>`: a unique, human-readable identifier (or nickname) for the data acquisition device / camera
# Examples:
- An example iFDO is available in the file: SO268-1_021-1_GMR_CAM-23_example-iFDO.yaml
# FDOs (FAIR Digital Objects)
- [iFDO]( (image FAIR Digital Objects)
## Examples:
- [iFDO example]( SO268-1_021-1_GMR_CAM-23_example-iFDO.yaml
- pFDO example (TODO)
- sFDO example (TODO)
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