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......@@ -18,6 +18,12 @@ All iFDO capture fields shall be stored alongside the core metadata in your iFDO
| image-set-marine-zone | seafloor, water column, sea surface, atmosphere, laboratory | seafloor: images taken in/on/right above the seafloor, water column: images taken in the free water without the seafloor or the sea surface in sight, sea surface: images taken right below the sea surface, atmosphere: images taken outside of the water, laboratory: images taken ex-situ |
| image-set-spectral-resolution | grayscale, rgb, multi-spectral, hyper-spectral | grayscale: single channel imagery, rgb: three channel imagery, multi-spectral: 4-10 channel imagery, hyper-spectral: 10+ channel imagery |
| image-set-capture-mode | timer,manual,mixed | whether the time points of image capture were systematic, human-truggered or both |
| image-area | Float [m^2] | The footprint of the entire image in square meters |
| image-pixel-per-millimeter | Float [px/mm^2 = MPx/m^2] | Resolution of the imagery in pixels / millimeter which is identical to megapixel / square meter |
| image-meters-above-ground | Float [m] | Distance of the camera to the seafloor |
| image-acquisition-settings | **yaml**/json, free keys | All the information that is recorded by the camera in the EXIF, IPTC etc. As a dict. Includes ISO, aperture, etc. |
| image-camera-intrinsics | **yaml**/json, free keys | 4x3 K matrix encoding the six intrinsic parameters (f, m_x,m_y,u_o,v_o, gamma): focal length [px], inverse pixel width & height, principal point x/y, skew coefficient. |
| image-camera-extrinsics | **yaml**/json, free keys | 4x4 pose matrix (R,T). See: |
# Further domain-specific or otherwise valuable iFDO capture fields
......@@ -31,9 +37,6 @@ All iFDO capture fields shall be stored alongside the core metadata in your iFDO
| image-set-time-synchronisation | Text | Synchronisation procedure and determined time offsets between camera recording values and UTC |
| image-set-item-identification-scheme | Text | How the images file names are constructed. Should be like this `<project>_<event>_<sensor>_<date>_<time>.<ext>` |
| image-set-curation-protocol | Text | A description of the image and metadata curation steps and results |
| image-set-acquisition-settings | **yaml**/json, free keys | Camera and lens settings (e.g. f number, acquisition time) |
| image-set-camera-intrinsics | **yaml**/json, free keys | focal lengths etc. |
| image-set-camera-extrinsics | **yaml**/json, free keys | x,y,z position offsets of the camera on the deployment frame and yaw, pitch, roll offsets of the camera mounting on the frame |
| image-set-event-information | Text | general information on the event (aka station, experiment), e.g. overlap between images/frames, parameters on platform movement, reference system used for scaling images like laser points |
| ... and many more to come | | Please suggest more! |
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