Commit 10137bd0 authored by Timm Schoening's avatar Timm Schoening
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Update SO268-1_021-1_GMR_CAM-23_example-iFDO.yaml

parent 8bf11bf7
......@@ -4,6 +4,8 @@ image-set-event: 21-1
image-set-platform: SO_OFOS-1
image-set-sensor: GMR_CAM-23
image-set-uuid: 2a2360e9-a5ec-4ad2-be04-0ea0b4cbdc58
image-set-data-handle: 20.500.12085/2a2360e9-a5ec-4ad2-be04-0ea0b4cbdc58@data
image-set-metadata-handle: 20.500.12085/2a2360e9-a5ec-4ad2-be04-0ea0b4cbdc58@metadata
image-set-crs: EPSG:4326
image-set-type: photo
image-set-creator: Y. Bodur
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